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Marga Schulze Foundation

In 1997, my wife and I installed the Marga Schulze Foundation for the promotion of blind and low vision girls and women in Africa and Asia. It receives all the money we do no longer need for ourselves. In 2003, my sister, Mrs. Gertrud Schulze, joined us.

The foundation finances, via the Christoffel Blind Mission, the training in

- daily living skills,
- orientation and mobility,
- computer skills, and
- self-defence,

and offers the trainees at the same time lectures on women-specific topics, such as

- playing leadership roles in self-help and other organizations,
- personality improvement,
- grooming and make up,
- communication skills,
- innovative jobs,
- home management and shopping
- healthy sex life, and
- infant and child care.

Meanwhile these lectures are combined available in a

Handbook for Women with Visual Impairment  in braille. This is distributed by AICB in Asian and African countries.

Furthermore, the foundation supports blind and visually impaired girls and young women in their secondary education, at colleges as well as in computer courses in India via the Christoffel Blind Mission and the Inter-Mission Industrial Development Association. In addition, it distributes literature about AIDS prevention in braille via the United Bible Society.





  Photo Marga Schulze

Marga Schulze

* 08.03.1921        † 05.02.2010