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Handbook for Women with Visual Impairment - Contents

Handbook for Women with Visual Impairment


Ashok K. Mittal


Sponsored by:
Dr. Hans-Eugen Schulze and Marga Schulze Foundation


Published By:
All India Confederation of the Blind
Sector-5, Rohini, Delhi-110085, India


1. Foreword
 -Dr. Hans-Eugen Schulze-

2. Acknowledgement
 -Ashok K. Mittal-

3. Preparing Visually Impaired Women for Leadership Roles in Self-Help and other Organizations
 -A.K. Mittal & J.L. Kaul-

4. Personality Improvement For Women: Visual Impairment No Barrier
 -Shivali Kathuria & Rachita Bisht-

5. Communication skills and visually impaired women
 -A.K. Mittal & Dr. Anil Aneja-

6. Innovative Jobs for the Visually Impaired
 -Geetha Shamanna-

7. Healthy sex life for visually challengend women  -Dr. Renu Addlakha-

8. Infant and child care
 -Dr. Anubha Rajesh & Meera Mittal-

9. Personal Hygiene
 -Preeti Monga & Tina Sutaria-

10. Grooming and Make up: Embarking on Beautification Journey
 -Preeti Monga-

11. Home Management and Shopping  
 -Dr. Kusum Lata Malik-